Our Vision

To create a USA based organization that partners with the broader Conservative Anabaptist community to reach those that are imprisoned in Haiti. We also want to reach beyond the prisons by creating a reintegration program for those newly released from prison.

Our Mission

1. Evangelism: By serving in the prisons, we have the desire to bring people to the knowledge of God.
2. Transformation: Transform lives, so that the cycle of returning to prison is broken.
3. Help in a humanitarian way, where and when the need exists.
4. Create long-term discipleship.
5. Encourage and enable local churches to participate in prison ministry

Our Goals

1. Have regular church services and evangelistic crusades within Haiti prisons.
2. Create a discipleship program by networking with local pastors to mentor
inmates in a one-on-one setting at the inmates’ request.
3. Provide food and water when needed as well as medicine and hygiene
products. We cannot preach love and overlook the tremendous crisis the prisons face.
4. Share with local churches and pastors the needs that are right in our towns.
Many have no clue what it is like in prison. Once they are made aware they are
happy to help.

Long-Term Goals
5. Create and prepare a plan to teach trades to young people that are imprisoned, such as: carpentry, welding, sewing, etc., together with teaching financial planning and savings.
6. Create a reintegration program for released inmates. An intense discipleship program that provides mentorship, lodging, and work for a time, such as 6 months or so, coupled with a spiritual “bootcamp” to help addictions be broken and direct newly released inmates in the right direction. Many of them have no place to go. They have no work and no home when they are released. Jacmel, a place that is blessed with agricultural possibilities, could support a working farm that would have a twofold purpose:
A. Provide jobs for inmates,
B. Teach good farming practices.

Board of Directors

Andy Faller

USA: (330) 979-4830 (Leave voicemail)
Haiti/WhatsApp: +509 3250-6696
Email: [email protected]

Mervin Beiler

Phone Number: (304) 620-6160
Email: [email protected]

Freeman Byler

Phone Number: (440) 321-2013
Email: [email protected]

Dan Miller

Board Member
Phone Number: (254) 337-0234
Email: [email protected]

Justin Weaver

Board Member
Phone Number: (817) 819-1494
Email: [email protected]

Lee Mullet

Board Member
Phone Number: (216) 316-8690
Email: [email protected]

Joe Schmucker

Board Member
Phone Number: (440) 537-2003
Email: [email protected]

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